Drive digital agility in your organization for a changing world.

Organizations everywhere are optimizing their application landscapes to drive up effectiveness and efficiency, and reduce their costs. Our changing world demands higher levels of organizational agility, efficiency and customer responsiveness than ever before – in the public sector as well as in the commercial world. Many organizations have learned to plan for leaner operations in the future so that rising costs and unexpected events can be better absorbed without affecting services. Your IT is critical to transformation. Change is now firmly dependent on your applications estate, and how fast and well those applications can be managed in line with transformation planning.

Leading companies succeed by concentrating on what they do best. You can eliminate distractions and maximize the return from your investment in Enterprise Business Applications by letting the experts manage your Custom Applications, COTS, ERP, CRM, Database and BI Applications and Application Infrastructure.

With Saptami Application Managed Services(AMS), we manage your entire tech stack to help you reduce costs and stay focused on strategic, high-value activities. We provide ongoing incident resolution, continuous improvement, optimization of your environment and advisory services to offer your business a single source of expertise and accountability. We also take a proactive approach to make sure that you are leveraging features and functionality that will benefit your organization and
provide consistent value to your customers.

We manage the entire stack to provide Application Management Services(AMS) includes the development, support, and maintenance of a broad portfolio of application capabilities:

Saptami AMS team expertise and diversified specialists fully dedicated to AMS services are located across Global Delivery Centers that we bring to our clients an integrated set of technology capabilities across industry-leading platforms coupled with a deep partnership with major IT world players supported by our proven tools and methodologies our high-quality execution ensures consistency and predictability for your IT support transformation.

Various AMS support options available with Saptami:

Level 1: It is the initial level of maintenance provided by the user help desk. They help to screen the issues and assign to the appropriate party/owner.
Level 2: It deals with support tickets that can be resolved by doing basic configuration in the application or suggesting workarounds.
Level 3: It deals with tickets requiring code changes.
Level 4: It deals with tickets related to the product, which might require help from the product vendor in terms of raising support tickets or hotfix or a patch release.

For over ten years, Saptami’s Application Management service has been helping businesses to succeed by expertly managing Enterprise Applications on their behalf. Whatever the size of your company we can provide flexible and superior support at a lower, predictable cost – allowing you to focus on what you do best.Our Application Management team specializes in proactive, cost-effective support of the world’s leading Enterprise Applications with a focus on the delivery of measurable business benefits for our customers. And in this fast-based business environment technology seems to appear the priority position, so Saptami featured Application Management Services to build great products and help to grow incredible companies with managing to enhance and maintaining through AMS application.

Benefits of the Saptami Application Management Services:

Our global delivery model uses balanced onshore and offshore delivery of applications services based on ITIL, and CMMI  methodologies.

We offer deep domain expertise in industries, including healthcare, supply chain, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, consumer products, retail, food and beverage, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and BFSI.

We optimize cost efficiencies through offshore leverage and financial flexibility through our dynamic resource allocation model.

Our global team of functional and technical experts ensures uninterrupted business operations and ongoing productivity improvement.

We craft service improvement plans (including technology and process improvements) and establish improvement goals based on relevant business metrics.

Our service delivery model features the scalable capacity to meet evolving business needs.

Our knowledge-management tools and structured induction programs ensure that new team members are productive in the shortest possible time.

Leveraging ITIL support processes, we create a blended operational process framework incorporating current support practices to ensure quality support services with high levels of user acceptability.


Service Delivery Model: 
Saptami service support process capitalizes on the wide knowledge base that Saptami has acquired over a period of time while staining numerous legacy, package-based, and homegrown/custom-build systems for various clients worldwide. Coupled with its world-class infrastructure, this process has made it possible for Saptami to offer its services in maintaining the client software offshore. This is a cost-effective process for the client since the overheads involved in having maintenance personnel onsite if eliminated and time zone differences are leveraged effectively.