Descriptive Analytics is the preliminary phase of your data analytics. It can also be termed as statistics where all your historical data is analyzed to provide the statistics of what has happened in the past, descriptive analytics provides the summarized information which allows having a deeper understanding of your business in the past to take more controlled decisive actions for future.

We are in a data-driven world each and every data point is counted and analyzed to provide insights to shape the future in a better way.

Our professional Data Analytics team helps you analyze your historical data applying different strategies and tactics based on your business and the market to give you a clear insight presentation of what has happened in your past. It helps your raw data to be represented in a more understandable way to the managers, investors, stakeholders and other business heads.

Our Descriptive Analytics solutions provide a descriptive report/dashboard to the customer involving Tabular and Graphical methodologies to provide a quick sight report on your business. Even the business insights can be narrowed down to Month or Year for a better understanding of your business trends.

Along with the descriptive analytics, our offerings also include domain-based market research to provide quick insights on the market to take more decisive actions, Business research to provide quick insights on the business & provide an effective business intelligence dashboard with a complete graphical presentation of your data, Business & Market using Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Histograms, Tables, Plots and many more.

Descriptive Analytics is the first step and a mandate phase that everyone should do to start the journey towards Business Intelligence. At SAPTAMI being an expert Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solution provider, we also offer Predictive & Prescriptive Data Analytics services to provide a 360-degree view of your data and business in the past & the future.