How AI empowers online stores and eCommerce platforms

Create personalized experience

Driving conversions remains the number one goal for all eCommerce businesses. And in this highly competitive world, shopping experience personalization rules the day. Machine learning allows you to make use of all customer information your platform already stores and reach the customization level of Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay. Technical data about visitors, their clicks, actions, and devices provides an opportunity to tailor content with pinpoint accuracy.

Optimize inventory management

Knowing how much of a given product will be sold on an exact date is one of the biggest eCommerce superpowers. AI algorithms can analyze the historical data, draw trends from it, and help you make informed decisions to maintain inventories more efficiently.

Automate customer service

Today’s online shops have to be available 24/7 and on multiple channels to boot. Automating customer support can save eCommerce businesses time, money, and operational resources. Besides, freeing staff from answering repetitive questions allows them to focus on more challenging requests. AI-driven personal assistants or chatbots can easily carry the burden of answering routine queries.

Discover AI use cases in eCommerce

Sales forecasting for optimal, just-in-time inventory management

Detect patterns in purchasing behavior to predict slumps and spikes in sales. Use this knowledge to order just the right amount of goods, prevent spoilage, and reduce storage costs.

Personalized shopping and recommendations

Create relevant customer experience for each individual. Learn more about your user base to provide timely discounts and dynamically change content.

Fighting fraud and fake reviews

Identify fake reviews through behavior and sentiment analytics. Uncover suspicious activities and protect your users from scams.

Voice search and shopping

Reach your customers through their home assistants. Create features for Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod to access these folks via the channel that gains audience every day.

Customer support automation and chatbots

Employ customer support agents that never rest, take a sick day, or go on vacation. Train bots to address urgent problems and be available 24/7.