Java, as a very well-known and fast-growing concept in the present IT sector. As it is powerfully built, most secured, object-oriented, dynamic, not dependent on any platform, easily understandable concept. As JEE is one of the flavors of JAVA, where it comes with a group of applications, API’s that support the JAVA platform and mainly designed for Enterprise applications.

Java EE model is fast growing topics, as there are few cons that are dragging back. As we know, it is strongly built with the specifications, it is high in complexity. For which, it is difficult or unmanageable for most of the application code to reach continuous changing requirements and also more issues with the database transactions which are executed via JDBC Data sources.

For all Java/JEE issues, SAPTAMI has a solution i.e., we had an expert quality team to research and provide the solution for each and every issue. In SAPTAMI, we use concepts like Lambda expressions, Stream API for Bulk Data Operation’s, Java Time API and many others. And we use CDI 2.0(events ordering, asynchronous orders, better integration), Servlet 4.0. And also, we provide security for your Java EE enterprise application using annotations and deployment descriptors. Mainly, Annotations are a modifier that provides additional data to Java classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, fields, parameters, and local variables. We deploy our Java EE application using WebSphere Application Server V7.0. Java EE 8 includes Cache, the Java API for JSON Binding and a new framework for web development called Model View Controller.

We also use the database of Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM – DB2 and other databases. Custom API’s for every NoSQL database is also used our SAPTAMI team.

As our word, we have a solution for all the issues that can give you a smooth accessing to your application along with the reports and documents.