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Prescriptive Analytics is the final phase in Business Analytics where analytics providing optimal solutions for a given particular scenario. Prescriptive Analytics involves both Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics. Descriptive Analytics provides insights on How your Business was, Predictive Analytics provides information on how your business can be where Prescriptive Analytics focuses on deriving the best outcome from the possible solutions.

Prescriptive Analytics provides key recommendations for an organization to improve the profits, service, operationalization, optimized products and a lot more. A simple decision can change your entire business, at SAPTAMI with our expert team of Data Analytics & Data Scientists we provide trusted and powerful decisions to change your business using Prescriptive Analytics.

Prescriptive Analytics adds decision making logic to completely automate the process of analyzing the data, gaining insights from the data and selecting the optimized solution. Making a machine make decisions is not an easy task, we at SAPTAMI always iterate on the technologies and adopt the new techniques in the field of Data Science to provide accurate solutions to our customers.

Our offerings in the field of Prescriptive Analytics include

Advanced-Data Analytics

Advanced Mathematics & Applied Statistics

Advanced Operation Research

Advanced-Data Science

Prescriptive Analytics is relatively new to the field of Analytics and it operates at scale handling huge amounts of Big Data both structured and unstructured. The more the data we provide, the better the results we see.

Prescriptive Analytics is the final stage in Business Intelligence. Both Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics take Business intelligence to the next level analyzing the data in all available forms providing deeper insight and foresight to the management and the business.

Deeply applied Prescriptive Analytics provides outcomes and the set of actions/decisions to be taken to achieve the outcome and also the interrelated effects of each decision. Prescriptive Analytics can be applied in any industry to achieve automated decisive actions and results. For example, Driver-less cars have to compute millions of data points to take a proper decision while driving, where the decisions are automated.