Test Automation alludes to automating the process of tracking and managing the different tests. In a traditional scenario, testing gets finished toward the finish of a development cycle. But as an ever-increasing number of organizations advance toward a DevOps and continuous delivery model in which software is continually being developed and should dependably be development-ready leaving testing until the end doesn’t work anymore. That is the place consistent testing comes in — to guarantee quality at each phase of development.

So with persistent testing, as opposed to testing occurring in an enormous detonation toward the finish of a cycle, it occurs in little pieces consistently when the need emerges.

While guaranteeing quality consistently is of most extreme significance to this model, it’s not all that counts. The speed at which the majority of the improvement and testing happens likewise matters a lot. That is in such a case that something in the pipeline slows down or separates; it holds up everything else and hinders the arrival of new improvements. Furthermore, given that they need to deliver new releases quicker and on an increasingly standard premise prepared for this continuous delivery and testing model, that roadblock invalidates the point of adopting this strategy.

This “how” and “why” make companies, consistency and speed imperative to supporting a ceaseless testing model and that is where test Automation is helpful. Dealing with the majority of the testing needs in a consistent testing condition is an enormous endeavor — it requires a tremendous communication effort to monitor which environment has sent new code, when each piece needs testing and how those necessities coordinate again into the moving procedure of continuously delivering software.

Test Automation facilitates this burden via automating the tracking and managing each one of those testing needs, including the amount of the framework different tests spread and what different sorts of testing may be required to cover all the moving parts. In doing as such, test automation goes far toward guaranteeing that teams keep up a high standard of quality at all points along the pipeline. Also, it enables testers to focus more time and effort on making compelling experiments to guarantee the quality of the software since they’re never bogged down in managing all the minutia of testing needs.

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