Imagine trying to run an old application on Windows 7 or maybe Windows 8 only to discover that the program is no longer supported by the system. There might be an update but that might not work as effectively as it did with the previous version. More so, the software that you need to run is outdated now and can’t work properly even with compatibility mode. But, as they say, where there is a will there is a way and your way out of this problem is the virtual desktop.

A virtual desktop is your solution to not let go of your favorite app. Ever since the emergence of the IT revolution, the biggest trouble that computers have gone through is a virus. These little bugs get attached to the files and while opening them means disaster for your computer not opening them means losing on precious data. This is where remote networking through virtual desktops could come in handy, a perfect solution to this decades-long problem. With remote networking, one uses the snapshot option which allows taking an image of the virtual desktop before opening a potentially infected file. Just take a snapshot, open the file and retrieve the required data. If the virus affects your virtual system, either chose to close the snapshot or load it without any trouble.

Most enterprises have a notion that remote networking might not do well to their productivity while people work from separate places without being watched whether they are doing remote networking or social networking. This, however, is not correct as there are reports which say otherwise. In fact, the ability to multitask is the essence of remote networking which not only allows the employees to create a comfortable environment for themselves but also more effective than better. Hence, better productivity and more outreach.

Consider taking the efforts you make every day to reach your workstation. And now imagine a small cloud server connecting the computer at home and workstation with even your tablet and mobile to access and retrieve the data using the remote desktop protocols naturally or even through apps. All you need now is to leave the computer at your workstation plugged and powered.

Installing new software always comes with the risk of a bad interaction with other programs but a remote network is a perfect solution to this as well. An isolated system could be used to check how the software works before letting it through the main server. Here, snapshot function or granting partial access to the virtual desktop could be used to establish a proper functioning.

It’s safe, hassle-free, easy to access, makes the employees more connected to the work and when done by a team of professionals like that of SAPTAMI, it increases productivity.