SAP Analytics, Cloud is an integrated platform that simplifies business analytics to enable you to make intelligent and sound decisions at all times. With this solution, you can apply insights into every business process for positive actions.

As SAP Analytics Cloud is built on the SAP Cloud Platform, you can expect to operate with a dependable and high performing solution. Therefore, you can elicit data from your data quickly for accelerated decision-making.

With SAP Analytics, Cloud, everybody can be allowed access to the data they need at the exact time they require it. Because of this, they can be confident in every conclusion they reach. Saptami IT solutions promoting SAP Analytics in Indian scenario wherein, through the new module launch, the users can even see into the past data and explore the evolution of trends to improve and optimize their business responses for future provision. SAP Analytics Cloud enables your company to get a step ahead into the future by providing administrators and senior leaders access to relevant data regardless of their placement. Analytics Cloud includes collaborative workflows to enable every member of your organization to cooperate in optimizing resources thereby increasing productivity.

SAP Analytics Cloud’s business intelligence function has two principal components: They are Models and Stories. Models are where you do all your data modeling in preparation for analysis. Data modeling entails data wrangling, or clean-up, your dataset, defining your measures and proportions, and enhancing your data by establishing hierarchies, placing units and currencies, and adding formulas.

Stories, on the other hand, are where your data come to life. In Story Mode, you can visualize your data with charts and graphs, presenting you an entirely new way to attend your information and gain valuable insight into your line of work. Built on a strategy of using analytical insights to drive business actions, SAP analytics platforms support the analytics lifecycle.